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GARDEN MAINTENANCE of existing gardens and treatment of garden areas with the right pesticides and nutrients on a monthly or weekly basis as required. Providing support by taking care of the plants and lawn areas for you by loosening the soil, mowing, de-weeding etc.,

Our work is defined as:

CONSULTATIONtset up your garden on your own, but need design idea and exact placement of your plants.

We are Dani Gardens. We are a landscaping company and create and we set up gardens for you. We also renovate gardens. Being based in Bangalore, the Garden City of India, we have grown up in locales that had beautiful gardens and naturally developed an attachment to flowers and greenery. This attachment to the nature-inspired us toward Dani Gardens.

GARDEN DESIGN for balconies, rooftops, terraces, lawn areas and provide end to end solutions like cement boxers for plants, pergolas, ponds, lotus urli and laying of lawns, plants which flower and non-flowering plants. We also do theme-based set up of herb gardens, vegetable gardens and ornamental gardens

Beautiful gardens & landscapes are the result of the far sight vision, high-quality products, expert designs, and trustworthy execution to enhance your lifestyle. From colourful gardens, plantings, and patios to outdoor kitchens, and water features, we create beautiful landscapes and outdoor spaces! With Dani Gardens & Landscapes you are assured of Quality, Commitment and Affordability. 

Dani Mansion, No.362, 7th Cross, Lakshmi Road, Shanthi Nagar, Bengaluru - 560027

+91-9380355787 / 080-41289157

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